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Travertine Tile

What Is Travertine Tile? 


We at Hawaiian Carpet One are happy to offer a great selection of stone tile options in our Kahului, HI showroom. One of our featured stone options is travertine. Travertine tile continues to be a popular option as floor tile and wall tile, so let’s take a closer look.


Travertine tile is so popular in homes because of its natural appearance. For the most part, it has a gold or beige surface, but there are also styles that are more silver. More importantly, because it’s a natural stone option, each travertine tile is truly unique. As a result, choosing travertine gives you the opportunity to create one-a-kind home designs.


Like other stone tile options, travertine tile can be finished. There are four different finish options: polished, honed, brushed, and tumbled.


Polished travertine has a rather shiny surface, and it does well to reflect light. Honed travertine, however, has a more matte-like look, so it tends to be a bit darker than polished travertine. For truly natural looks, be sure to take a look at brushed or tumbled travertine. Each option leads to textured tiles that can add character and personality to a home setting.


Travertine tile is porous, which means that spills can seep into the surface. Fortunately, the tiles can be sealed to protect against spills and stains, so the porous surface will not be an issue. Furthermore, travertine is extremely strong, so it can handle foot traffic. So, as long as you seal your new travertine tiles, you can rest easy knowing that they will look good and last for a long time.


In addition to natural travertine tile, we offer ceramic and porcelain tiles as well.  Learn more about ceramic and porcelain.



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