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Glass Countertops

Our New Selection of Glass Countertops


Providing our customers with quality countertops is one of our specialties here at Hawaiian Carpet One. We offer Maui’s largest selections of countertops, including popular choices such as granite. We are really excited, however, about our new selection of glass countertops.


Glass countertops represent a great way to add unique style and elegance to your kitchen setting. These countertops usually are offered in shades of blue, and they can have smooth or textured surfaces. What really sets a glass countertop apart from a granite or quartz countertop, however, is its translucence. In fact, some glass countertops even look rather transparent. It’s therefore popular to add lights underneath for a truly bright and vibrant look. Given these design features, glass countertops are perfect if you want to have a kitchen design that is bright and modern.


Our featured brand of glass countertops is GBM. GBM glass countertops are perfect as kitchen countertops because they are resistant to scratches, high temperatures, and stains. As a result, they will certainly be able to stand up to busy kitchens. Furthermore, GBM glass countertops can be maintained as easily as stone and quartz countertops. Spills can simply be wiped from the surface without any long-term repercussions.


Be sure to visit our Kahului, HI store to check out our new selection of GBM glass countertops!


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