Stone Flooring

Stone's natural style and durability

Stone Flooring Options 

Naturally beautiful and never out of style, stone flooring offers hard, cool surfaces ideal for warmer climates. Stone is also the perfect flooring choice for people allergic to dust, so be sure to check out Hawaiian Carpet One in Kahului, HI today!

Stone "porosity" refers to the size and number of pores found in certain stones. The porosity of stone used for flooring affects it ability to resist stains and its strength. For example, if you want to install new stone flooring in high traffic areas, consider using a nonporous, dense stone type such as slate or granite. Porous stones like travertine, limestone, and marble need sealant applications and regular cleaning to prevent pitting and staining. These natural stone types would be good choices for lesser used rooms in your home. Natural stone adds depth and character to an outdoor or indoor setting because each stone floor offers colors and patterns unique to that floor. Stone floor surfaces can also be finished for enhanced glossiness or textured to present a charmingly rustic appearance. 

Engineered Stone 

Engineered stone resembles natural stone, but it is made from flexible, soft materials.  It can withstand heavy foot traffic and will rarely crack.  Resistant to moisture and staining, engineered stone contains mostly stone aggregates and less than 10% resin. The most common resins used to make engineered stone are polyester resin and epoxy. Stabilizers and UV absorbers may also be added to reduce fading and to enhance durability.

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