Maui's only STAINMASTER flooring center



When you think of stain resistant carpet, you likely think of the STAINMASTER brand. Over the years, STAINMASTER has built up a strong reputation for durability and protection, and the reputation surely is fitting. To this day, STAINMASTER continues to be one of the leaders in stain resistant carpets.

STAINMASTER carpets are made from type 6.6 nylon fibers, which are the strongest available. The fibers are much stronger than traditional fibers because they average 5.4 twists per inch, which makes the yarn more resilient. Resilient yarns are able to withstand soils and liquids, and they also increase vacuuming efficiency. All carpets have the type 6.6 nylon fiber, but there are four different types:

Standard: reflects light, hides soil, and provides exceptional traffic performance

Extra Body 11: extra bulk and value

Tactesse Nylon: includes finer fibers that create a uniquely soft and inviting feel

Luxerell: luxurious wool-like look and soft touch with comfort and durability

Many STAINMASTER carpets also include the Lotus FX fiber shield. The fiber shield is made from lotus leaves, which actually help prevent soil particles from sticking to the surface. Additionally, the fiber shield keeps most liquids from moving past the surface, so they can easily be wiped up. As a result of the soil and liquid protection, STAINMASTER carpets typically last 50% longer and stay up to 30% cleaner than other carpets.

Hawaiian Carpet One is proud to be Maui’s only STAINMASTER flooring center. Stop by our Kahului, HI store to view our entire selection of STAINMASTER carpets and to find the perfect carpet for your design. While there, be sure to work with some of our carpet experts, all of whom have years of experience helping customers choose and install their carpets.