GBM Porcelain Tile

Quality porcelain specially-made with design in mind

Thin Porcelain Tile

As Maui’s tile expert, we at Hawaiian Carpet One carry only the best tile brands and styles. Our selection of ceramic and porcelain tiles, in fact, seems to be never-ending. One of our newest tile offerings is GBM Thin Porcelain Calacatta. Why are we so excited about this style?

Calacatta is a thin porcelain tile, which is a rather new and innovative tile type. Because of the thin construction (0.25” thick), Calacatta is lighter and therefore easier to install than regular porcelain tile. Regular porcelain tile, because it is thick and dense, is certainly more difficult and more time-consuming to install. Thin porcelain tiles like Calacatta are therefore more preferred options for home settings like kitchens and bathrooms.

Nonetheless, although Calacatta is thinner than regular porcelain, it still maintains porcelain’s strength and durability. It will resist virtually all moisture and stains, and it will remain strong and stable against heavy foot traffic. Calacatta can actually be used in outdoor settings such as patios, and it can even be used around pools.

What’s also great about Calacatta is its design. Calacatta looks almost exactly like real marble tile, but, given its porcelain construction, it’s more durable and less expensive. So, Calacatta is a great choice for homeowners who want to add the style and luxury of marble to their home settings.

To check out GBM Calacatta first-hand, visit our Kahului, HI store today. We offer 3’x6’ Calacatta and 2’x4’ Calacatta Oro.

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