Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation

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Installing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

So you’ve found the floor of your dreams: a luscious luxury vinyl floor that looks exactly like exotic hardwood, but unlike hardwood, this flooring is made to handle the region’s wet, tropical climate. What happens now? At Hawaiian Carpet One Floor & Home, you can fully rely on our experts. We’re here to guide you throughout the process- whether you ultimately opt for a self-install, or a visit from our installation team. Be sure to visit our Kahului showroom to learn more about our services.

Ask the Professionals

Often representing a hefty investment, your new flooring can have considerable impact on your property value- and that’s for better or for worse. For those who aren’t experienced in home repairs, a self-install can easily result in unsightly bunching, uneven seams, and other atrocities that can negatively affect your floor’s lifespan – not to mention your property value.

If you’re still committed to installing yourself, the great news is that there are many types of luxury vinyl that are, indeed, quite simple to install. There are even varieties made to readily click together to comprise a “floating” floor: no adhesive required.

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