Wood's beauty with extra durability

Laminate Brands

Visit Hawaiian Carpet One to check out one of the area’s largest selections of laminate flooring. We carry a variety of laminate wood flooring styles that replicate the natural looks of hardwood and other wood floors. But, because of a special construction, laminate wood flooring is stronger and more durable.

Laminate flooring is extra durable because of its layered construction. The top layer is called the wear layer, and it protects against scratches and scruffs better than regular wood floors. The second layer, called the decorative layer, provides a natural appearance since it includes a high definition image of hardwood. The last two layers are the core and base layers, and they add extra stability and strength. This extra stability and strength makes laminate suitable for areas with high foot traffic and even some moisture.

Our Laminate Selection

Armstrong: We offer multiple laminate styles from Armstrong flooring. Armstrong laminate flooring replicates the looks of wood, but it is resistant to scratches, spills, and other environmental stresses. Plus, Armstrong does not use any harmful chemicals in its finishes.

Mannington: Mannington laminate flooring is strong and durable, and, because of Mannington’s embossing and texturing, it looks and feels almost exactly like wood! Like all Mannington flooring options, there are a variety of colors and shades from which to choose.

Tarkett: Tarkett flooring offers laminate that is durable and easy to install. Because it’s made out of 84% wood, Tarkett laminate is strong enough for heavy foot traffic. Also, its strong wear layer protects against all scratches, scruffs, and other impacts. Tarkett offers quick and easy installation options such as the 2-lock system.