Bamboo Flooring

A new and exciting wood flooring choice

Bamboo Flooring


You definitely know what bamboo is: a woody, tropical grass with a reed-like and hollow stem. But, did you know that bamboo has quickly grown into a popular flooring choice in homes? Homeowners love bamboo’s exotic beauty, durability, and earth-friendliness.

Bamboo is a reliable choice for flooring because, even relative to wood, it is very hard and durable. Bamboo dents less on impact than some woods, and it is also more dimensionally stable than most woods. Bamboo floors can last long in rooms with heavy foot traffic, which is definitely important in homes with children and pets. Plus, bamboo can tolerate high temperatures and humidity better than wood, as it contracts and expands 50% less. This does not mean that bamboo is the best choice for damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, but it certainly handles moisture better than wood.

In addition, bamboo is more sustainable than wood. Bamboo grows faster (actually bamboo grows faster than most plants), so it recovers more quickly after harvesting. Harvesting also does not completely remove the bamboo plant from the ground, which definitely promotes quicker growth. Moreover, bamboo typically has 25x the yield of hardwood, so more can be made from less. You can therefore rest easy knowing that your new bamboo floors are actually friendly to the environment.

How does bamboo look compared to wood? Bamboo has simple, natural, yet sophisticated patterns that can provide an elegant or casual look to your room. There also are distinctive patterns of darker bands and nodules that truly set bamboo apart from wood. For the most part, bamboo floors will either have bamboo’s natural blonde hue or a darker tone from carbonizing, but the shades are all truly unique given bamboo’s natural looks.

To learn more about everything bamboo flooring has to offer, visit Hawaiian Carpet One in Kahului, HI. Our store is home to our entire selection of bamboo floors, so you can see first-hand how bamboo is a great alternative to hardwood. While there, be sure to speak with our flooring experts to learn even more about bamboo flooring.

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